Jonathan Miller

Volunteer, Social Media Manager, and Photographer in Nitro, West Virginia

Hello, I am Jonathan Miller. I go by the branding name of Jonfun™ almost everywhere online including owning the dot-com which you have arrived at currently.

Life at the moment, I work for a school system doing dirt removal, custodian, but get involved in a little bit of everything. I am actively engaged in my community & would do anything for about anyone including giving you the shirt off my back. Cliche but it is the truth. I'm a very bluntly honest person about everything so if you're not used to that then you'll defiantly find me a be a person of integrity, character, & charisma.

Also, I started working in social media when it started getting popular in 2008 by becoming the page admin on Facebook, for the popular comedian, Amy Schumer & Fox News online personality Diana Falzone while also creating my own online niche as a person or public figure of sorts in the world at large.

My extensive list of interests currently include God, paranormal research, astronomy, photography, philosophy, video, humor, comedy, commentary, opinions, analysis, politics, branding, psychology, digital media, social media, marketing, laws, society, interactions, relationships, blogging, content creation, goal setting, organization, activism, education, health, well-being, travel, economics, pop culture, entertainment, Facebook, twitter,, PuttyLike, computer repair, troubleshooting, solution solving, researching, fitness, exercise, meeting people, & information overload.

I'd like to network with you if think I'd be an asset to your company, business, just fit well into your digital community, or think I could provide value to your team as a consultant or brainstorming think tank. Thank you for checking this biography page. Below are social media links & information to each website I'm on. Once again thank you for checking out Jonfun dot-com

This is the current list of other domains I'm developing & continuing to expand upon.

  • Work
    • Kanawha County Schools
  • Education
    • WVU Tech Printing Technology
    • Ben Franklin Vocational School
    • Poca High School