Jonathan Miller

Digital Media, Announcer, and Internet Personality in Nitro, West Virginia

Welcome to

I'll start you out with a quote from a singer, songwriter, & close friend Sasha Colette who said this small phrase about me in a YouTube video.

"You're already halfway there." Sasha Colette. (Yes, I know it sounds like Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer.)

My name is Jonathan Miller & on most of the world wide web, I have the digital profile brand of Jonfun™.

Please feel free to add me as contact or personality of interest. I hope you find me as a very positive & hardworking person.

I've been employed by Kanawha County Schools, since February 2007, in Kanawha County West Virginia but have a life outside of doing dirt removal.

Outside of being a custodian, I'm actively involved in the local community & stay continually busy with professional wrestling, social & digital media, & other various hobbies.

I created two videos that gained national exposure through the news via CNN & The Weather Channel on winter weather. One in 2009 & the blizzard of 2016 that hit the Ohio Valley & the east coast.

My extensive list of interests & continuing studies include:

God, paranormal research, astronomy, photography, philosophy, video, humor, comedy, commentary, opinions, analysis, politics, branding, psychology, digital media, social media, marketing, laws, society, interactions, relationships, blogging, vlogging, content creation, goal setting, organization, activism, education, health, well-being, travel, economics, pop culture, entertainment, Facebook, Twitter, PuttyLike, computer repair, troubleshooting, solution solving, researching, fitness, exercise, meeting people, & information overload.

Below are links to most of my social media but I also have direct links to what I continue to work on.

  • Work
    • Kanawha County Schools
  • Education
    • WVU Tech Printing Technology
    • Ben Franklin Vocational School
    • Poca High School